Hello fellow massage therapists & bodyworkers,

UPDATED to 2014! HB 328 & SB188  An Act establishing the Board of Massage Therapists; relating to the licensing of massage therapists; and providing for an effective date. HB 328 – bill is currently in House Labor & Commerce committee.

I created this blog in 2008 when we were first talking about massage licensing legislation. It has been sitting idle ever since. And now I have been receiving notices that people have been posting to it!! So I’ve had to learn all over how to access this blog!! I will get back to it as soon as I can (now that I’ve got passwords reset, etc) and post the lastest version of the legislative bill: HB 328 & SB188; that is being heard in committee at this time. Apologies for any confusion this outdated site might have caused. I will be back to edit it as soon as I can. 4/25/2014 Joanie Waller

To track the bills go to http://w3.legis.state.ak.us/. Click on track bills. Create a new accoung and sign in. Create your BTMF folder by clicking on Update Folder. In that folder, put hb328, sb188. You will be emailed when there is an update or committee hearing scheduled. Return to BTMF Main page and click on Display All Folders. Click on HB328, this will take you to Bill History. Click on Documents to see all that has been submitted in regards to our bill. Click on all the tabs in regards to our bill, the information is fascinating. Enjoy your journey! (from Traci Gilmore)

Current news from Traci: Most recently, Wednesday, March 12 there was a Labor and Commerce Committee Hearing. This was rescheduled from the previous Monday when it was cancelled. We were 3rd in line behind some bills that took a while to be heard. The Committee got to us by 4:50p in a Hearing that was to end by 5p. Mary of our sponsor Rep. Nageak’s office introduced the bill to the committee, then Amanda Unser, our Alaska Massage Therapy Licensing Coalition leader spoke. They allowed Cheri Zepp and I to testify as well as a therapist from Anchorage who was quite long-winded so they closed the Hearing @ 5:18pm and continued it to the Committee Hearing.Our Hearing was next scheduled for this past Friday, unfortunately the Hearing was again cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Amanda was in town for the day and was able to meet with several committee members and encourage passage of the bill. We hope to be rescheduled Wednesday of this week.The original legislation has changed a bit. The sponsors, co-sponsors and our coalition leader have heard some concerns and have made some amendments to that effect. I do not have a copy of the amended bill, but I will send it out as soon as I see it.

More later….

2008!: Last week Ingrid called a meeting of interested body-touching professionals to get together to discuss the legislative language that has been put together with the intent of instigating massage licensure in Alaska. I offered to make a blog site – and – this is what I came up with. I’m new to this – so I’ll be learning how to use it.  It’s a start. I hope it will be a good venue through which we can discuss the issue.   Joanie Waller, Mandala Studios